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From loading and unloading to customs clearance

From A for automotive loading to Z for zero-delay customs processing – we are your specialists for the unloading, intermediate storage and loading of FCL and LCL containers for import and export at the Port of Hamburg. But we do more than just ensure smooth procedures in container transport. We also take care of appropriate packaging for sea freights and its customs clearance.

By definition, a full container load is a single container that is transported unchanged from the consignor to the consignee. Less than Full Container Load describes a partial load in the form of consolidated or general cargo, which can be packed together with other goods in the same container. The employees at our company handle both transport variants with the composure that comes from practised routines – so you as the customer can sit back and relax and know that your freight will remain safe during cargo handling.
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Import services for FCL and LCL in Hamburg

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Unloading import containers

Sea freight arriving from abroad at the Port of Hamburg is unpacked by our specialist staff with the necessary prudence and care. We unpack well over 300 TEU per week at the two terminals on Wollkämmereistraße and Indiastraße.
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Intermediate storage of import containers

Our high-bay warehouses have sufficient capacity to hold your container loads in temporary storage before they are handed over to the forwarder for onward transport. The warehouse logistics specialists at PCH pay attention to transparent communication with you as the customer and accommodate your needs, even at short notice. This close cooperation gives you crucial advantages in the flexibility and reliability of goods trading.
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Truck loads

Container loads arriving by ship are unpacked at our terminals, temporarily stored in the transshipment warehouse and then loaded onto the forwarder’s truck for overland transport. Packing Center Hamburg has 53 ramp bays that handle around 300 trucks every day.
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Customs clearance

As a company certified according to AEO-F, we also ensure proper compliance with customs and tax formalities. Different regulations apply to customs clearance, depending on the region in which the imports originate. This procedure is usually faster for Full Container Load, as the goods come from a single trader, whereas consolidated loads need to be cleared individually. PCH operates a type C bonded warehouse and is an authorised consignee with connection to the ATLAS system.
Safe hands for your imported goods!
Whether it is FCL, LCL, out of gauge cargo or automobile loading – you can rely on our team at Packing Center Hamburg.
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Export services of Packing Center Hamburg in the area of container transports

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Truck unloading

Although the PCH terminal on Indiastrasse has a rail connection, most of the goods are delivered by truck for shipment abroad. To facilitate and speed up the process, there are facilities for side discharge and crane unloading.. Unloading takes place at 53 ramp bays, while the expansive grounds allow drivers to manoeuvre their trucks conveniently.
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Intermediate storage

Our company premises extends across more than 110,000 m² and is divided into two terminals. We are therefore in a position to offer our customers temporary storage on the grounds of the Port of Hamburg. Our transshipping warehouses have first-class equipment, from the 16-tonne forklift to the 46-tonne reach stacker and the IT-assisted high-bay warehouse.
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Loading export containers

Loading containers for sea freight requires spatial awareness, attention to detail and plenty of experience. Our team looks after your FCL and LCL shipments, reefer (refrigerated) containers and automotive shipments. We are your partners for export consignments, from full to Less than Full Container Load.
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Seaworthy packing

Whether it is a full container load or general cargo – a variety of regulations and guidelines must be observed when packing sea freight. The consignments must comply with the special requirements of sea transport and be able to withstand the increased stress. We pack your goods according to ISPM 15 and based on the HPE standard.
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Customs clearance for FCL and LCL

At PCH, customs clearance is an integral part of the export processes for LCL and FCL consignments alike. In this context, customs clearance is more complex for LCL, and an issue with just one product may delay the entire transport. Our employees are real all-rounders and look for meaningful solutions to any challenge. We operate type C bonded warehouses and are therefore authorised consignees for T1, T2 and TIR carnet transit operations.
Your partner for export consignments!
In total, 170 employees at PCH ensure smooth cargo handling at the Port of Hamburg to keep commerce simple – experience the quality of our services to see for yourself!
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Our FAQ for full and less than full containers loads etc.

We have compiled FAQ to answer the most common questions we receive from customers and interested parties:

What are the advantages of LCL containers?

Less than Full Container Load may contain goods from different customers up to the maximum permissible weight, so LCL is usually significantly cheaper than a full container load. This also improves the efficiency of transports, which helps to preserve resources, especially for sea freight.

On the other hand, customs clearance is significantly more complex for the carrier and packing or unpacking the consignment takes longer. You will therefore have to schedule more time for the entire logistics process.

What is the difference between LCL and FCL containers?

With Full Container Load (FCL), the goods are packed for transport and the container is sealed until it arrives at its destination. Differences compared to LCL: The forwarder is not allowed to re-open the container or add more goods. In Less than Full Container Load, consolidated cargo from different customers is grouped in a single container for sea freight until there is no available space or the maximum weight has been reached.

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