Our locations at the Port of Hamburg

Since its establishment in 1988, Packing Center Hamburg has been your partner for preparing goods and loads for dispatch to places all over the world – or for unpacking goods from all four corners of the globe. Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Full Container Load (LCL) and hazardous goods are as much a part of our specialities as other areas of logistics. We provide our expert services at two locations around the Port of Hamburg. They can both draw on extensive loading and modern IT equipment, from electric forklifts to high-bay warehouses.

Wollkämmereistraße terminal

Occupying over 84,000 m² in space, our team is specialised in the loading and unloading of consolidated containers. Included in this is around 26.000 m² of covered hall space, some of which can be heated.
To Wollkämmereistraße

Indiastraße terminal

Aside from containers for motorised vehicles, the terminal focuses on buyer’s consolidation containers to group transshipment efficiently. 7,500 m² of the 27,000 m² company complex are covered, and the location also has a rail connection.
To Indiastraße
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