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This is PCH Packing Center Hamburg
Packing Center Hamburg has been an established name among the logistics companies and freight forwarders at the Port of Hamburg since 1988. 170 employees at our two terminals work with dedication to meet the needs of our customers. The eventful history of goods transshipment blends with state-of-the-art storage and packing systems and an extensive fleet of vehicles for the necessary power. We are absolutely uncompromising in our pursuit of quality, but still keep an eye on the future and on how to adapt our handling workflows to the continuous changes within our sector. Take a look at our company and the philosophy we uphold in our values.

Committed to the traditions of logistics – PCH over time

Establishment of the company and partnership with SACO Shipping GmbH

There were originally two locations – on Ellerholzdamm and Schilfstrasse – when CONPAC Umschlag und Lagerei GmbH was founded in partnership with SACO Shipping.


CONPAC Seaport Service GmbH is founded

Another location was added on Norderelbstrasse with the establishment of CONPAC Seaport Service GmbH. This renewed partnership gave SACO Shipping a second packing company at the Hamburg location.


New location

A new company location was constructed on Indiastrasse 5 around the turn of the millennium.

1999 to 2001

Merger and renaming

Originally independent, the two businesses were merged when the company moved to its new location. It was also renamed Packing Center Hamburg at the same time.


Construction of a second location

The second PCH location was built on Indiastrasse 1. Services were then spread over the two locations – import was handled on Indiastrasse 1, while Indiastrasse 5 dealt with exports.

2002 to 2004

Construction of a location on Wollkämmereistrasse

In response to increased demand, larger operating and storage areas were built at Wollkämmereistraße 1. The company moved into the new location in 2013 after almost three years of construction.

2011 to 2013

Integration into the SACO Group

PCH was incorporated into the SACO Group as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2018.


Your reliable partner with an eye for the essentials

The competencies acquired over the years and transparent communication with our customers enable us to always strive for the highest quality.We get things done – no matter how unusual the challenge or difficult the problems may be.

Sustainability is a high priority in our company. Sending goods around the world requires a considerable amount of resources – a fact that does not escape us at all. So we take care to keep consumption associated with our goods packaging and container loading as low as possible.
material alternativen pch
Less materials by using smart alternatives
We work continuously to identify suitable alternatives that reduce the volumes of materials. In line with this, the innovative warehouse management system cuts our use of paper considerably.
emissionen verringern
Reducing emissions
PCH is constantly expanding its fleet of electric forklifts – the vehicles complete their work without any emissions at all.
energie sparen pch
LED lighting saves valuable energy
One bulb may not make much difference, but when it comes to lighting a total of 33,500 m² of hall space at our two locations, the situation changes. We have plans to switch to LED lighting in order to consume less energy going forward, while maintaining the same performance.
entsorgung optimieren pch
Taking waste disposal to the next level
The fact that the packaging and storage of goods generates waste is not something we will be able to prevent in the near future. But we can approach the issue conscientiously. Which is why our motivated employees are continuously looking for new ways to optimise disposal processes.
We are constantly integrating new and green approaches into the workflows at our company. At present, we are in the midst of planning a photovoltaic system on the PCH company roof. It will enable us to produce a significant part of the energy we need ourselves.
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